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Five Upcoming Bands of 2020

Jordan takes a look at the top 5 bands you haven’t heard yet

After the recent releases of Gerry Cinnamon’s The Bonny, Liam Gallagher’s MTV Unplugged and DMA’SThe Glow, fans have been spoilt with some of the best music in recent years. After a strange few months, and a lack of gigs during 2020, discovering and listening to new bands has been refreshing. This list will cover five upcoming bands of 2020 in no particular order, as well as highlighting one song from each which you should listen to.

Chappaqua Wrestling – Football

A band from Brighton, Chappaqua Wrestling recently released the single Football in July. The song is about feeling unsettled within a social circle. The guitar riff builds up throughout the song with the lyrics of “I hate your friends” continuously being sang, highlighting the vocalist’s anxiety to the listener. This song is for sure an anthem which crowds will enjoy singing along to at gigs. If you are a fan of bands like Oasis and The Stone Roses you will definitely enjoy this.

STONE – Keep Running

Liverpool band STONE recently released their second single Keep Running in May. This track is a high paced and energetic rock tune which will also have fans going wild at gigs. This track highlights the stress of a youth’s current lifestyle where the vocalist emphasises repeatedly “Can you just leave me alone?”. The guitar solo at the end of the track fits in perfectly after the detailed fast paced lyrics. If you are a fan of DMA’SLay Down or Kasabian’s Fast Fuse this song is certainly for you.

The Outcharms – (Who’s Making You) Smile?

The Outcharms are a Doncaster based rock band who recently released (Who’s Making You) Smile? in May – another track which is influenced by 90s bands such as Oasis. This track is also fast paced with a great riff, along with strong vocals and fantastic instrumentals. After viewing the tracks official music video, people will undoubtedly want to see these live, as the gigs showcased in it look very entertaining. Once gigs are back, this is an upcoming band I will personally have to see without a doubt.

Fruitz – Daydream

Dublin band Fruitz most recent song Daydream was released in late January. This track is slightly dreamier than the previous tracks covered with slower pacing for the first 40 seconds of the track showcasing the vocals. The song kicks into gear with impressive instrumentals and rhythm. I also had the privilege to see Fruitz perform live in February while they were supporting Louis Berry. They are incredible live, and I am personally looking forward to seeing what the future holds for them. 

The Lanes – Take The Hint

Norwich band The Lanes‘ first single Take The Hint was released in April. The track opens with a catchy guitar riff which is quickly followed by the vocalist’s clever lyrics. This track tells the story of somebody struggling through a relationship while constantly falling out and making up. Halfway through the track it slows down with “When you’re acting like there’s nothing wrong, until you are finally around to break the mould, and it’s harder and harder, so I just won’t bother”. This is another track people will relate to and appreciate it for its story-telling lyrics.

After listening to each of these bands since the releases of the above tracks, I have been impressed with each of their music and I am looking forward to the future of each. It will definitely be worth your time checking out each of these five tracks as all of them are superb.

– Jordan Neville 

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