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Gerry Cinnamon – The Bonny

Gerry Cinnamon’s latest album The Bonny finally came to fruition on Friday last and did not disappoint.

The 12-track album features his last 6 well received singles including the likes of Canter, Dark Days and Sun Queen. Since bursting into the charts last Summer with the anthem tune Belter, Gerry has kept the ball rolling with single after single leading up to the inevitable release of the new album. He has since become a regular voice on radios and sound systems worldwide, a feat not accomplished by many independent artists. Here’s some of the tracks that caught my eye.

The Bonny – The song has a near bluegrass/ country sound to it. The title track of the album has a message of hope for the future. The Bonny being the metaphorical bonfire that keeps him going. He describes it as being the ambition that everyone needs in their life. The message being that if you want to do something go do it because you never know what’s around the corner so you should do it while you have the chance.

One life is a short time And no one knows where you go when you die

Canter – This hugely successful track has become a regular on the radio since its release. The song is about Gerry giving himself, for somebody else, a metaphorical kick in the arse. There’s a sense of urgency in the lyrics, saying that they “better start grafting like your running out of time“. This follows with the realisation that it could be easy if he wasn’t such a wanker. The urgency continues throughout saying “the roof is on fire and it’s raining outside”. He describes that living isn’t the hard part but it’s how much you care, or the amount of effort put in is what makes it difficult. Solid track.

Mayhem This track documents the turmoil in Gerry’s head the morning following a one-night stand. The track begins with a haunting vision of “Mayhem in your eyes“. He goes on to say that if only good men die then “who the fuck am I?“. He says he was surprised to find the sun shining when he opens the door. He throws on his sunglasses in an attempt to “hide from the sun in the sky“. These couple of lines show the darkness and uncertainty he is feeling in his life. He is questioning his existence and where the decisions he made in his life have put him. He says he “spat on the pavement ignoring the demons inside” showing how he has become accustomed to living with his dark thoughts. He speaks of how he longs to be home because it’s where he belongs. He promises himself he’ll do no more wrong. A dark track with a serious theme.

Every Man’s Truth – The final track on the album has an almost jovial sound. He talks about different beliefs people have from conspiracy theories to God. The song is a relatively short one only lasting just over 2 minutes however the message is heard loud and clear. You can’t decide whose belief is wrong or right. Everybody is entitled to their opinion because “Every man’s truth/ Is another man’s waste o’ time“. Little gem of a track.

Gerry Cinnamon

The Bonny is a subtle reminder to us all of the realities of life. A lot of the time people become disillusioned and lose sight of the goals in life. Throughout the album there’s a recurring theme: it’s not about the journey but where you’re headed. Thank God for Gerry Cinnamon.

Solid 9/10.

– Jack Ronan

Listen to The Bonny here:

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