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The Lathums – Fight On

When someone mentions Wigan the first thing you think of is… well I’m not sure but it will soon be The Lathums

Having burst onto the scene in recent months, The Lathums are most certainly only getting started. The young band’s latest offering, a four track EP, only wets the tongue for the next step in their career.

It Won’t Take Long: A vicious guitar riff introduces the EP and showcases the talent of the boys from the very get go. Seduction is the nature of the game with this tune, “you can have me any way you like”, and the vocals suck you in, producing a rip-roaring start to the EP that sways in and out of various genres, highlighting the bands musical fluidity.

Time For Me, Light For You: In a sudden twist of pace The Lathums slow things down with their next song. There’s no doubting here that the band possess a deadly weapon – lead singer Alex Moore. His angelic vocals on this track accompanied by reflective lyrics, “but I’ve opened up my eyes, I see differently this time“, which appear to be written by older hands than The Lathums can claim to have and just showcase their maturity as a unit.

Fight On: In the times we find ourselves in the appropriately titled Fight On stirs those primal emotions we all have to survive. Again, the vocals are astonishing here, with Moore delivering each line with speed and aggression with ease. Musically this is the tightest track on the short EP, with technical guitar riffs and heartbeat drums. One listen will make you take these guys seriously, they have it all.

I Know That Much: With a heavy Stone Roses vibe, The Lathums stake their claim “I won’t stop now I know that much” and just reinforce their brilliance as musicians. There is a fearlessness here that only youth can possess, coupled with a desire to make the main stage in Glastonbury, which produces a song that will surely be a fan favourite at gigs. The only problem with this track is that none come after it!

We here at NYUP Music give this EP a solid 10/10. Get listening.

– Tom O’Callaghan

Listen to Fight On – EP here:

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