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Twisted Wheel – Satisfying the Ritual

“Their comeback has been thrilling and their new album shows their fans despite being on the wrong side of the road at one point, they are now fulfilling their potential.”

Jordan Neville reviews Twisted Wheel’s new album Satisfying The Ritual

Eight years after their second album, Twisted Wheel are back with Satisfying the Ritual, an album which comes in the wake of the dark times Jonny Brown has had to endure.

Twisted Wheel have already experienced some of the highest of highs supporting the likes of Oasis and the lowest of lows fading into obscurity over the years. Now they are back in style with an extraordinary album which will have loyal fans impressed. Following on from supporting Liam Gallagher all over Europe on his Why Me? Why Not tour, Twisted Wheel have opened the eyes of many music enthusiasts. Their comeback has been thrilling and their new album proves that despite being on the wrong side of the road at one point, they are now fulfilling their potential.

The album opens with Nomad Hat, a brilliant comeback song which is pure rock and roll, full of calls for freedom, highlighting the simple things taken for granted in life. “A wall is not an obstacle, it’s something we can smash all over the floor” proves to us that they are truly back and stronger than ever, despite past demons. All obstacles will be smashed through. The song is capped off by an outstanding guitar solo from Jonny Brown.

I Am Immune is an intense punk rock song which stands for immunity against the bad mouths and internet trolls. “Yesterday I lost my way, my life was like a hurricane” echoes the darker times of the band while it soon follows with “but now I have been beat, I Am Immune” stating that the band are more powerful than ever, overcoming such obstacles.

Black and Blue comes with a groovier beat after the previous two songs, and highlights the mental health crisis of modern times. “I don’t believe in anyone, and I barely trust myself” is a standout lyric from the song which many can relate to when looking at the tracks focus on mental health.

D.N.A. is an emotional song in which Jonny speaks about his mother who passed away from an alcohol addiction. The album is slowed down here with its passionate and spiritual lyrics, before slowly building up to another incredible guitar solo from Jonny.

Ghost Man opens with a psychedelic vibe but also blends multiple genres into one to produce their own unique sound. Personally, I feel the song has a Kasabian-like sound to it at times. Ghost Man highlights the versatility of Twisted Wheel showing they can perform any genre to a magnificent level.

Wheels of Love is a track that shows the band are back on track and moving forward once again. A cheerful song, complete with a confident swagger, it delivers a realistic view on working in the music industry and being a part of a band.

Personally, I feel the next track Wrong Side of the Road is one of the best on the album. It is a truly spectacular track where Jonny shows his impressive song writing and vocal skills. The song has a beautiful sound to it, and comparisons can be drawn to Liam Gallagher’s recent music. This is Twisted Wheel at their brilliant best. The band instruct the listener to “learn your lessons”, something the band have done themselves which has only improved them.

2020 Vision is a pure garage rock and roll tune, perfectly suited for opening gigs to get the crowd instantly bouncing. This is a simple but energetic track which will have fans singing along for sure.

The following track Rebel was taken from their EP Jonny Guitar. Of their earlier releases, this track stands out and deserves a spot on the album. Through exceptional and memorable lyrics, Twisted Wheel tell a story of loneliness and isolation atop an upbeat tune.

The versatility of the band is once again shown in the title track, Satisfying the Ritual. With a trippy and psychedelic sound, the track is unique to the rest of the album. Although delivered in a rap style, the rock atmosphere is maintained expertly. Multiple subjects are covered including fear, destiny, psychology and doomed adventures.

The final track Show Me reminds people about the dark times that were endured by Jonny and the band. The track showcases an emotional piano solo with beautiful lyrics and vocals which elicit emotion throughout. It is a fitting end to an exceptional album.

After the release of this remarkable album, personally I hope that Twisted Wheel get all the attention they deserve with as much support as possible from their loyal fans and the music community. This is a fantastic comeback from a band that has been through it all and this album sends influential messages to the fans with its stunning lyrics, vocals and sound.


– Jordan Neville

Listen to Satisfying The Ritual here:

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